How Music Influenced “Don’t Forget About You”

Specifically, there are two poems in Don’t Forget About You that happened because of two songs.

The first is titled “How To Never Get Out Of Bed.” In a numbered list, 15 commands/statements are made. One of my friends loved someone who didn’t love her (at least not in the way she deserved), and I so badly wanted her to be okay. Everyone wanted her to be okay, and I wrote the poem for her. The title and style were inspired by the song “How To Never Stop Being Sad” by Dandelion Hands. The last line in this poem is also where the title of my book came from (which you can read more about in the foreword).

One of my favorite sad songs of all time, “Exhale” by Rarity, inspired one of my favorite poems of mine. The poem, “To Whom It May Concern,” is written like a letter. A letter to whoever is reading. A letter to you. The first part of the song’s chorus is “to whom it may concern.” The first time I heard this, I wanted to write a poem that started that way. That was all I knew. I didn’t know what it would be about until months later when I finally had an idea. I ran the introduction through my head over and over again, thinking “What do I want to say? What do I want people to hear?” and finally, the poem was written.

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