Behind the Pages: Storm Clouds and Sunshine

A ton of people have come to me, asking if the poems in Don’t Forget About Me are in any particular order. When I decided I wanted to publish a poetry book, this was something I struggled with for a while. What was the best way to share words I’d worked so hard on? What was the best way for people to read them?

The first thing I needed to decide was what I wanted my book to be about. I had all these poems about so many different things, and the one commonality was life. The main idea of the book is to focus and work on yourself, but no one can do that 100% of the time. There are relationships to work on and work that needs done, and sometimes, you can’t come first. The importance is knowing when you NEED to come first. Sometimes, we don’t know what needs to come first. When I really thought about it, that’s all my poems were saying.

I came up with the storm clouds cover because so many of my poems related to bad weather, but what about the poems that don’t have any mention of a cloud? And what about the poems that are actually happy?

On the front cover of Don’t Forget About Me, you find clouds and lightning bolts. Turn the book over to the back cover, and you find a sun. Lastly, you flip to any page in the book with a poem on it, and you’re going to find a weather-related graphic on the bottom of the page.

The first poem will give those same storm clouds from the cover, but turn twenty pages or so, and you’ll find the clouds sans the lightning bolts. Another twenty pages, and you see a sun sticking out of the clouds. Finally, within the last twenty pages, just the sun is there. The weather progresses from stormy to cloudy. The poetry progresses from stormy to cloudy, depressing to kinda sad to almost happy to hopeful about the future.

Life isn’t all bad, but it’s not all good either. We don’t need to pretend it’s one or the other. People get hurt. People have feelings. People need people. People need themselves.

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