Ashley Sager is now the author of two self-published poetry collections. She began writing short stories and plays in elementary school, transitioned into novels, and has spent the last four years writing poetry. Ashley is a current student at Kent State University. Along with writing, Ashley enjoys reading, hiking and music. She also loves animals, like her dog, Milo, and works at an Italian restaurant.

When Ashley was little, she promised herself she would publish a book by the time she turned 18. The book went through A TON of stages, but it became Don't Forget About You. A few months later, she began work on her second poetry collection, All The Lights Went Out. You can find more information about this new book on Patreon.


The Book

As a sophomore in high school, she had always been writing stories, but Ashley Sager became serious about writing poetry. Just a week into senior year, Ashley's mother unexpectedly passed away. For Ashley, it was true what they say: people show their true sides when hardships occur. About halfway through senior year, Ashley came to the realization that she had the biggest support system she'd ever had in her life. It was time for the book.

Don't Forget About You is a collection of poetry exploring relationships, grief and one's self. Ashley believes one of the most important lessons she learned in high school was when and when not to put others before yourself because yes, sometimes you have to come first.


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